Creating Video Content Quickly & Easily

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I'm going to show you how you can produce stunning looking videos quickly and easily.

I will show you how simple a process this is and give you an example how to implement it.

You will learn where to get the awesome software used to create the video we used above, you will see how easy it is to use and you will get an example on how you can use it to get you started .

Have you ever thought “It would be nice to make a few extra bucks on the side”?

A lot of people do.

Who couldn’t use some extra cash?

This could help with a retirement income, be an income stream for the stay at home mom, help pay for that dream vacation, be a 2nd car payment and so on…

I think you get the picture.

You’ve thought about it and perhaps dabbled a bit but at times you felt like you were wedged between a rock and a hard place.

What to choose and how to do it.

I’ll show you an idea, I’ll show you how easy it is to do but believe it or not it is staring you right in the face right now.

You know just like the arrow in the FedEX logo. Perhaps you don’t see it on the left.

But I bet you do now on the right.

What is staring me in the face at this very moment?

The beauty and ease of creating a video like the one you can watch above right now.

You can produce them as a service to business owners.

But wait! I'm a newbie. I have never made a video, you might think.

Well let me show you an idea of how you could do this and how easy it is to create.

As a matter of fact I will not only show you how a 10 year old could do it but I will give you a chance to try it for yourself for free for a full 7 days.

The exact same program that I used to create the video above.

And just how refreshingly easy it is to use.

It literally deploys super- advanced ‘AI’ to choose Royalty-Free Images and Clips.

Then Creates Videos For You.

All you do is choose one of the many Professional Templates Provided… Add a simple script, push a few easy buttons And your new video is created right before your very eyes.

It's really THAT simple!

Let me quickly show you how this works.

Normally what I do is I go and find a website. It can be a local dentist site, a business site, a blog site or whatever. I look to see if there are any videos and usually can find an article that has no video.

It could be a blog article, an about us page blurb or even a bio.

Really pretty well any text based document.

For example, I went to a site and found what I thought might be a good candidate that had no video.

I just copied and pasted the text to a Google Doc to use for my script.

Here is how this video project looked as the finished product.

Here is how easy this is to do. I will use a simple travel script I have in my Google drive docs folder.

Now we will create the video.

You saw all the different templates all with sample ideas above so we will choose the first one so you can see how easy and quick this is to do.

We have our copied text from out Google docs folder and we paste it into the Script section.

Click Slides and the scenes are made right before your eyes. As a bonus, there are over 790,000 Storyblocks clips to choose from at no extra charge. 

So you see how simple it really is to do.

There are 14 different voices to choose from or you can record your own voice.

Over 125,000 sound tracks to choose from.

Easily control music volume or track speed.

You can also add a watermark. You could use one of the prebuilt ones or use your own.

Now you will see this short travel video using this script.

So go to a local business site for example, make a quick video from some text you found interesting, watermark it and send it to them to view.

Most businesses, when they see these things and their business in the video they just love it!

So that’s how it works!

Did you know that at the moment, there are over 500,000 active stores running on Shopify?

You could contact a Shopify Owner to offer your services.

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 According to consulting.com, there are thousands of consulting firms worldwide, serving numerous industries and specializing in every conceivable niche and expertise.

This gives you lots of opportunities to market your services.

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Remember the video was created about the blog on the Live Love Learn website?

Well here it is.

Watch Video

Did you know that according to  wordstream.com, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video? This alone gives you a huge reason to be contacting website owners to offer video creation services. There are lots of websites that need videos. Plus, there are lots of local businesses in your area to produce videos for.

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