Helping Someone to See an Opportunity Feels so Good!

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I had a lady approach me online to see if I could be of help.

This poor soul was a widow on a social security pension who was trying to make ends meet but she could have been a person who wants to be able to quit their 9 to 5 job or be a person who wants to stay at home with the children or a retiree who wants to supplement the pension.????

In her case, she wanted to see if I could be of assistance because she saw that I help people become more successful online.
She wanted to know if I could help her to get into business online and make an income to supplement her measly social security income with no upfront fees.
?Wow. No upfront fees? ?

I really had to put on my thinking cap on this one.?
How can people expect to go into business with no upfront fees?

?I asked her what type of position she held when she was actively employed, and she mentioned that she was in an office manager in a real estate office.

?It took me a few minutes, but I came up with what I thought was a perfect solution.

?After all there were two things that popped out to me and I could help her with both.

?One was no upfront fees and the other was that she would not have a big learning curve in what I was going to propose since she obviously would know something about real estate.?

Here was what I proposed to her.

Before I get into that let me first say that what I was going to suggest to her was a program that I have used successfully for over 2 years. ?It is so simple to use that a 10-year old could do it, so it has no steep learning curve and it even has templates specifically designed for the real estate market and other business applications.

?That is why I thought my plan for her would be a ‘no-brainer’ and fulfill her dilemma.?

Here was the plan.
I offered to show her how to use this software and also offered her a 7-day free risk-free trial so she could make some real estate videos for free to see just how easy this was to do.
I told her that after the trial period was over, she could keep on making awesome videos for a monthly subscription of $29.

??She thought the $29 per month was going to strap her financially.

I told her that I thought she was thinking about this upside down. ?She was thinking about the expense and not the possible income opportunity.

Here is how I tried to explain this.
I told her that what she could do during that 7 day free trial window was make one video for each real estate sales person in her area and watermark them with the word “sample” on them so that the real estate person would see the quality but would not be able to use the video until they paid for it.

?Now although these videos sell for more, I suggested she sell them for $29.

Why $29?

Well she had mentioned to me that a monthly fee of $29 for this software was going to be a struggle for her on her limited budget.

My thought was that since she had a full 7 days to create videos at no cost then if she sold only one at $29 it would pay for her to keep on creating new video opportunities for a whole month.
Imagine if by accident she sold two or three. ????

?She was looking to work from home, so my thinking was that she had time to create these videos which quite frankly take about 10 minutes maybe to make.?

She could easily produce a video for every single ??real estate person in her town.

It seemed so simple for a person who has time, wants to work from home and wants to supplement their retirement income.

You know when I think about it why wouldn’t a wanna be ??? ‘stay at home mom’ or ?????‘stay at home dad’ not want to think about doing this too?

I mean if she could open her mind to the possibilities like doing social media post ??videos or videos for about us pages and so many other template ideas that were available to her for free for a full 7 days she could have had what she was looking for.

She was looking for a way to start with no up-front cost. She wanted the ability to start a business online to generate some income.

I had presented her with exactly what she was looking for and gave her the opportunity to try the system that is so simple anyone could do it platform to work with.

I left the idea with her and now the only thing left to do is for her to take action.

You go girl! You can do it!!