How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business FROM SCRATCH for Boomers & Beginners

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Boomers and beginners?

It might seem like the odd couple or something, but it isn’t. Let me explain.

A boomer is just a bit older beginner. He or she is beginning a new chapter in their life.

A beginner could be a young person as well beginning to look for opportunities.

Both a boomer and a beginner need in a ? NO BULL way to have a step-by-step, hold your hand experience so that their dreams can become realities more effectively and in a shorter period of time.

WARNING: Before I jump into the details in this post, I want to give you an initial warning…
There are two complaints I can’t stand hearing anymore it’s this…

  1. I cannot retire because I am afraid to run out of money in my old age…
  2. All the…“How to make money on the internet is a scam”. They don't work…they promise success and leave you seething with frustration and disappointment?

Here’s a secret…I too felt this way in the past.

NOT anymore! 

My story goes a bit different probably from most people.

? I went to school like you all did but got bored in grade 12 and quit in February. Thank goodness that I didn’t need a college degree back then to get a job.

?I had a passion back then that still burns inside me to this day. I love to sell. I sold everything from fruit and vegetables to cars. I had climbed the ladder, managed high volume car dealerships, and loved doing that until one day at the age of 63 I just simply got fed up with having a boss.

? You know the kind.? The one that makes you suddenly hate to go to work. Perhaps you are there now or can relate.

Some call it ?Firing Your Boss!?.

As a baby boomer, I needed to adjust my lifestyle. At first it seemed great. Sit around watch TV and relax. Working from home had always intrigued me.

? It didn’t take very long before I realized that I needed to do something to not only fill my free time but also create some extra income for my life ahead.

?I had read somewhere that the Baby Boomer generation’s average retirement age is 68 … I was ahead of the curve but sadly some boomers cannot even retire at 70 let alone 68..

?? Being a Boomer myself…there was one thing I knew for sure. I was not going to be part of that statistic…‼️

? It was a new decade and I was primed and ready for a new challenge.

I mean how hard can it be to ?make money online.

I had success with doing website work and that kept me busy.

Fast forward about 5 years. I was ready to get into affiliate marketing.

?? Now, for those of you who have never heard of it or think it’s a bad thing, hear me out.

? Affiliate marketing is a way to earn an income from the comfort of your home. Basically, you are a middleman or woman.

An example would be Jane wants to lose weight. ? You have a great product (Product X) that you have used or know someone who has. Many of these types of products have what is called an affiliate program.

?The company that makes Product X has an affiliate program that you belong to. If Jane buys the product from your referral link you get paid. It doesn’t cost Jane any more than she would have paid anyways so it is a win-win-win.

A win for Jane who got Product X. A win for company that makes Product X because they made money on the sale. A win for YOU because you got a commission.

Why would a company offer such a thing as an affiliate program?

Simple. They would need to hire many people to promote their products, deal with all the headaches of having a staff, need some sort of office space etc etc. They figure if they pay you 30% of a sale and don’t need all that infrastructure they are ahead of the game.

??Sounds easy, right?

Well there is a lot of trials and tribulations. I’ve had my share of buying something thinking that this would help me get to the next level only to find that once the ‘snake oil salesperson’ sold it to me I was lost as to how to even use it.

No directions to speak of and certainly no step-by-step process in place.

I don’t know about you but thousands of dollars later I was nowhere better off than I was before I started. I bought one shiny object after another.

Now if you find yourself there or are just starting on your online business journey let me assure you that what I’m about to reveal will be the right way to start an online business.

If you don’t know about this yet..IT ISN’T YOUR FAULT!

Probably no one took the time to explain it to you or help you.

I’ll get that in a minute but wanted to speak to those baby boomers who are reading this.

A lot of your group are panicking. It’s something like 60% that have little or no savings.

As a matter of fact, quite a few who have some savings find that their nest egg is less than $100K. OUCH!

Is working until you die the only option?

Oh and then there is the chance of sickness and bills and stress about the financial strain and…

You might be realizing that creating a passive income from the comfort of your home using the internet isn’t that bad an idea.

It might be scary because this is all new territory.

You’ve maybe never had this even cross your mind. You’re a bit dazed and confused right now.

Hey, I’ve been there and done that!

That is exactly how I felt until I came across a way to solve my dilemma.

I was looking for something that was inexpensive in case it didn’t work. I wanted to have everything laid out step-by-step. I didn’t want to have to guess my way through anything. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed.

What I found was absolutely amazing.

I could start for $7. Holy smokes… 7 bucks???

It not only gave me step-by-step, hold my hand type of training but it also allowed me to make affiliate commissions like I spoke about earlier.

It was as straight forward as can be and only allowed me to move on to the next lesson once I finished the lesson before. No overwhelm. No pressure.

I was really getting excited!!!

I had expected to need to fork out tons of money at some point. I mean $7 can’t start a business.

I was pleasantly surprised that there were very few things to even consider. I expected to need some sort of a connection to the internet like a website and probably it would be good to have some way of measuring results.

This is good, I thought!! Tell me more…

OK so I needed a couple of tax-deductible business expenses that would cost me around $100 or so…
I was SOLD!

You can now get some help. You don’t need to do it alone.

Now from my experience I have found two types of people:

  1. Skeptics – These are those that you could offer them a perfectly good $100 bill and in their negatively twisted mind they would think that it must be counterfeit.
  2. Action Takers – They see a good opportunity, have confidence in their ability and are willing to try something that has been proven to work for others.

If you’re an Action Taker Boomer or Beginner…

  • Who is ready to make a real change that counts in 2020
  • Who want to retire with money in the bank for a rainy day
  • Who want to have no fear of running out $$$ coming in monthly
  • Who want to retire years before their time
  • Who want to spend more time with grandchildren & loved ones
  • Who want to retire younger, healthier & more vibrant retirement

You need to check this out: http://get.jftmarketinghelp.com/TheRightWay