What can we learn from these 2 NFL teams..why the lopsided scores?

By January 12, 2020 No Comments

I just want to be transparent here. My team (Oakland Raiders) are not in the playoffs so I am just an observer looking for some great games like we saw last weekend.

You know this kind. Down to the last couple of minutes with several lead changes and some heroic action to win the game.

Well if you were looking for that yesterday, you were sorely disappointed, although I’m sure the 49er and Titan fans will take the victories and be able to formulate a Superbowl win by their team during the upcoming week.

So here we had two games yesterday and the results were similar in the type of victory which I would call lopsided, but when I looked a bit deeper at this I couldn’t help but think how different they really were.

Different? Both were lopsided victories but the circumstances were entirely different.

One one hand, the announcers were saying how much of an advantage it was for an NFL team to have a bye. They were saying how difficult a chore it is for the player;s bodies to recover enough and give them the strength they needed to go a full 60 minutes in the games this weekend.

This made a lot of sense to me.

I know how sore I get the next few days after going to the gym and doing a workout (at least I think I still can remember. LOL), so I can just imagine the toll those constant quick starts, fast stops and runs for a full game must do to the player’s recovery system.

But, then there is the most important part of anything we do.

It is our mind! … and how it thinks we feel.

What a great lesson the Titans gave us about that yesterday. Now I hate the Titans (well I don’t hate them really but my team is the Raiders so the Titans aren’t on my hit parade. OK?) but when I saw what they were faced with last week and then this week I couldn’t help myself in writing about it.

Now don’t get thinking that I am going to jump on the Titans bandwagon. I have been a long standing Raider fan and that will never change. Wait til next year… (my son says that is what I say all the time. LOL)

What is the lesson and why am I so fired up about it?

Well to take you back to last week, the Titans went into Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass to face the 2019 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

That’s a tall order indeed.

The facts that the Pats had a 12-4 record vs Titans’ 9-7 record, had home field advantage and had both Tom Brady (arguably the best QB to ever play some people say.. Not me) and Bill Belichick, the super coach, to challenge would have been enough for most teams to think that they might as well mail in the victory to them, “after all we had a pretty good year.”

But, NO the Titans said. We CAN DO THIS!

You know what? …. they DID!

But Oh My God, now they need to go to Baltimore which has even a better record (14-2) next week and they only have less than a week to prepare and their bodies are worn down from needing to face such a formidable opponent and the Ravens will be all rested because they didn’t play andandand


Is this how your mind thinks when you are faced with adversity?

Do you mail it in?

Or …do you think, hey we are so fortunate to have this opportunity. Most people would give anything to be in our shoes.

If I were a Titan (dream on Joey...) I would be thinking this way and how fortunate that I am that God gave me the talent to make tons of money, fame, lots of perks etc.

We have the same opportunity every day to choose how we deal with our challenges.

The other side of the coin could be that Baltimore Ravens mailed it in.

They could have thought, like so many other fallen giants have, that they didn’t need to pay that much attention to detail because “look how good we are. We only lost 2 games this season, the Titans lost 7 and they will be done from having to face the Patriots last weekend.”

I don’t claim to know which of these scenarios played out in the minds of these teams, but I do know that the Titans won 28-12 on the road for the second straight week against a much seemingly stronger team. The end result was NOT even close.


They focused on the right things and the reasons they would win. They didn’t waste their energy to focus on all the reasons they wouldn’t win.

We can all learn from this.

Now the other game which was also a one-sided victory looked like the opposite type of thinking happened with the Vikings.

They had won the weeks before against a Saints team that boasted a 13-3 record on what seemed to be a bit of a controversial non call interference touchdown. The play stood and they were on to face a 49er team that had the same record and the Saints.

Do you think the Vikings mailed it in?